citywide owe policies and procedures

The OWE is responsible for investigating and resolving discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaints filed by employees of the City of Los Angeles and applicants for employment with the City. The OWE is committed to working with employees and department managers to thoroughly investigate and resolve equity-related employment issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The OWE handles all investigations with discretion, sensitivity, due concern for the dignity of those involved, and considers the unique circumstances of each complaint.

Every complaint, whether filed internally at or with an external agency, is assessed and appropriate resources are utilized to best address the issues in the complaint. 

lactation accommodation

The City of Los Angeles recognizes the need to promote a work environment that is supportive of breastfeeding employees who wish to continue nursing their children when they return to work. The following are resources regarding lactation accommodation:

relevant documents

All relevant documents are pulled from the documents library for your convenience. To access all documents available on this website, please visit the documents library:

Please note that most of the following documents can only be accessed on the Personnel Department's network.

Domestic Violence and Abuse Policy Policy
Domestic Violence Protocols Protocol
HIV and AIDS Discrimination in City Employment Policy Policy
Workplace Violence Policy Policy
Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines Guide
New Parent Resources and Information (coming soon) Guide
Discrimination Free Workplace Policy
HIV and AIDS Discrimination in City Employment Policy
Executive Directive PE-1 Directive
Executive Directive 12 Directive
Discrimination Complaint Procedure Procedure
Sexual Orientation Complaint Procedure Procedure
Sexual Harrassment Complaint Procedure Procedure
Hazing Complaint Procedure Procedure