Transfer | Location: Westchester/ Venice (LAX-Hyperion)

Annual Salary

$77,172.00 - $112,856.00

contact information

Sara Kelly

job description

Management Analyst – Reassignment Opportunity/Paygrade Advancement

Finance & Budget– Grants & PFC Administration

Deadline to Submit: March 31, 2023


Brief description of duties of the position:

Identify, evaluate, and maintain a list of grant opportunities. Coordinate grant applications with other LAWA staff or airport stakeholders. Monitor grant application submittals and follow through with funding agencies.

Maintain positive relationships with and act as primary point of contact between LAWA and funding agencies on matters related to grant requirements and compliance.

Manage grant deadlines calendar for all funding agencies to ensure grant obligations are met in a timely manner. Maintain grant tracking database and electronic grant files.

Track and collect data on all grant awards, reimbursements, remaining balances, funding variances, and grant closeouts. Reconcile grant project and funding drawdowns, ensuring accuracy and that data meets legal and audit requirements such as the local share of each project.

Coordinate compiling grant-related statistics and analyze the data to provide grant portfolio results and outcomes. Assemble and document grant reimbursement requests for submission to funding agencies. Assist with grant contract administration as needed to facilitate continued reimbursements.

Maintain a grant operation manual for procedures on topics including but not limited to funding applications, internal controls related to grant expenses, reimbursement request submittals, reporting procedures, and audit.

How to apply

Interested & qualified candidates, please email a completed City employment application and resume to: Sara Kelly Email: Phone: (424) 646-7603 by 4pm on deadline day.