Security Officer

Transfer | Location: Westchester/ Venice (LAX-Hyperion)

Annual Salary

$46,812.00 - $68,444.00

contact information

Eileen Reed

job description

Provides watch at a major entrance to a restricted access area to ensure that only authorized persons or vehicles enter City premises; inspects employees’ and visitors’ identification and passes and obtains clearances for visitors without passes;  assigned to patrol and night watch security duties, post watch duties or a combination of both;  answers questions, directs visitors to proper destinations, and explains rules limiting visitors on the premises;  directs incoming and outgoing vehicular traffic in a safe manner;  patrols City buildings, offices, yards, construction sites, and other areas during working and nighttime hours to protect against trespassing, assaults, vandalism, theft, property damage, fire, and other dangers to property;  may conduct vehicle inspections with equipment and monitor video surveillance of surrounding areas.  

How to apply

Interested applicants should send completed City application and Resume to by 4pm on 3/24/2023.