Transfer | Location: Civic Center

Annual Salary

$75,690.00 - $110,643.12

contact information

Houston Stauber

job description

The Management Analyst (MA) is assigned to the Detective Support and Vice Division, Administrative Investigative Section (AIS) and works as a Project Coordinator under the direction of the Officer in Charge in AIS. The position is critical to the administrative operation of the Division. 

Duties includes performing professional staff work; editing a wide range of administrative Departmental forms, reports, correspondence, projects and answering phones; handling confidential or sensitive reports, documents, and information; preparing information for staff meetings; maintaining contact with Detective Bureau on projects, staff work, and Departmental requests; and accessing Department databases such as TEAMS II and DPS to facilitate divisional administration. May assist maintaining the Commanding Officer's calendar and setting up meetings. 

5/40, 9/80, and 4/10 schedules are available.

Will accept Management Aide or Management Assistant in lieu. 

How to apply

Email Departmental Application and last two ratings to Detective Houston Stauber at