Custodian Supervisor


contact information

Cari Morgan

job description

30% Organize, directs and designs assignments and workloads. Supervises the work of a group of custodial employees, including Senior Custodians pay grade I & II, Custodians, Vocational Workers and part time workers at various locations. Inspects the work and workload at each facility, making corrections or modifications to the duties of employees as needed. Assigns work duties and completes inspection reports for facilities to ensure work and assignments are completed correctly and in a timely manner.

20% Responsible for new facilities opening during the year, implementing policies & procedures, handling training of all staff, initial supply and equipment distribution, creating subordinates daily position summary assignment.

20% Responsible for full range of supervisory issues including interviewing, corrective and disciplinary actions, training, and performance evaluations. Fulfills the City's supervisory EEO responsibilities according to policy.

25% Keeps inventory record of equipment at each location; orders and maintains supply inventory for each facility under his/her responsibility. Maintains and prepares activity log reports; reviews Quality Control inspection reports. Completes time sheets and attendance records including PR corrections. Operates/drives City-issued vehicle from report location in Civic Center to LAPD facilities throughout the City, or as assigned.

5% Performs other duties and may be assigned to meet operational emergencies or needs as they arise.

Machinery & equipment operated: Vacuum cleaners, auto scrubbers (all types), floor machines, burnishers, carpet cleaning machines.

Supervises between 3 to 8 Sr. Custodians (either paygrade I or II), up to 15 Custodians, Vocational Workers (full time & part time) and Event Attendants.

How to apply

NOTE:  You must have received a regular appointment as a Custodian Supervisor to apply for this opportunity.

Interested candidates must complete a Departmental employment application.  An application screening may be conducted to select the most qualified candidate.

The application must be emailed to:

The subject line should read:  Custodian Supervisor – Transfer (GSD)

Filing period may close at any time when sufficient applications are received.

Receipt of applications can stop at any time without further notice.  Only candidates selected for interview will be contacted by GSD personnel staff.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Submitted application materials become property of the Department of General Services (GSD) and will not be returned to applicants.  Submitted applications will be kept active for six (6) months only. 

As part of the selection process, present and former supervisors may be contacted for references and a review of your employee personnel folder will be conducted.

The City of Los Angeles is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.