Senior Administrative Clerk - Valley Bureau

Transfer | Location: East San Fernando Valley

contact information

Rea Lazo

job description

Operations-Valley Bureau (OVB) Timekeeper: 

  • Maintains and manages timekeeping for approximately 125 OVB employees 
  • Ensures all employees time are entered in compliance with the MOU 
  • Maintains and manages overtime to OVB employees specifically to specialized units such as Vice, FBI Task Force, Gang Enforcement and Homicide Detectives 
  • Coordinates with other OVB areas on loan-in and loan-out employees 
  • Coordinates with other OVB areas overtime incurred 
  • Maintains and manages overtime hours for specialized units 
  • Maintains and manages bureaus supplies 

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit a Departmental Application and last two ratings via email to N5783@LAPD.ONLINE