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$94,112.00 - $169,126.00

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Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto


ANNUAL SALARY RANGE: $94,112 - $169,126

SUMMARY: The City Attorney’s Office offers a range of opportunities for attorneys to work on significant and complex issues. The effectiveness of the City Attorney’s Office depends upon the continued recruitment and hiring of excellent and diverse legal talent. We recognize the need for attorneys of varied backgrounds and skills, and offer an inclusive environment that relies on diverse perspectives to ensure that we effectively serve the people of Los Angeles. We also offer competitive benefits and working environment.

POSITION: Deputy City Attorney position in the Prosecution Technology Unit, with the Managing Operations Division of the Criminal Branch.

DIVISION: The Prosecution Technology Unit (“PTU”) assists the Criminal Branch and its prosecuting attorneys in the effective use of technology to achieve justice, especially peace officer-related video and audio recording evidence (“recording evidence”), including Body Worn Camera evidence (“BWC evidence”), in a manner that complies with legal and ethical duties related to discovery, disclosure, redaction, and usage of that evidence.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The principal duties and responsibilities of a Deputy City Attorney in the PTU include, but are not limited to:
? Researching, drafting, and arguing motions, or advising as to such, related to
discovery, disclosure, redaction and usage of recording evidence, including BWC evidence, and evidence associated with recording evidence;
? Assisting in ensuring compliance by prosecuting attorneys with legal and ethical
obligations, including those relating to discovery, disclosure, redaction and usage
of recording evidence, including BWC evidence;
? Using and/or assisting in the use of technology and recording evidence, including BWC evidence, to make and to execute the prosecutorial filing decision;
? Advising prosecuting attorneys regarding usage of recording evidence,
including BWC evidence, in court;
? Utilizing available technology, including redacting utilities, to
perform appropriate video and/or audio redactions to recording evidence,  including BWC evidence;
? Preparing recording evidence, including BWC evidence, for exhibition in court,
by clipping, marking and/or redacting recording evidence as well as ordering
transcripts of recording evidence in a cost-effective manner;
? Collaborating with PTU attorneys and prosecuting attorneys to ensure
uniformity of procedures and practices Office-wide relating to recording
evidence, including BWC evidence, with the assistance of PTU paralegals;
? Working with PTU paralegals to ensure reviewing and annotating of recording
evidence, including BWC evidence, for subsequent efficient review of that
evidence by PTU attorneys and prosecuting attorneys;
? Assisting prosecuting attorneys and support staff in the use of
and technological evidence;
? Assisting with locating, identifying and obtaining BWC evidence for this Office’s
criminal prosecutions;
? Reviewing recording evidence, including BWC evidence, to ensure proper
discovery is being disclosed to the defense;
? Contributing to the compilation of accurate statistics relating to recording
evidence, including BWC evidence;
? May be vertically assigned criminal cases for prosecution and trial; and,
? May be assigned other duties where digital evidence is analyzed, such as the
filing of criminal complaints.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants for this position must have a license to practice law in all of the courts in the State of California. Additional requirements include:
? Knowledge of legal and ethical evidentiary obligations applicable to criminal
prosecutions, including those relating to discovery, disclosure, redaction and usage;
? Experience in drafting and arguing motions in court;
? Experience introducing evidence, including audio and video recording evidence, in court proceedings;
? Strong legal research and writing skills;
? Experience and competence using computer technology and Los Angeles City
Attorney criminal prosecution programs or applications, including
and CCMS;
? Experience in making filing decisions and knowledge of filing guidelines;
? Demonstrated ability to complete multiple tasks under tight time deadlines and
an ability to quickly prioritize and complete a variety of assignments; and,
? Ability to work closely within the PTU, as well as with the Supervising Attorneys
and other prosecuting attorneys at the geographic branches and specialized units, and representatives from other agencies such as law enforcement and the court.

WRITING SAMPLE: Applicants are required to submit two writing samples personally written.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: This position is designated Category 4 on Schedule B of the Los Angeles City Attorney Conflict of Interest Code.

PROBATION: Appointment to this exempt position (non-Civil-Service) will be subject to a two-year probationary period as required by Section 1050 of the City Charter. Successful completion of the two-year probationary period will result in tenure with the Office.

COVID-19 VACCINE REQUIREMENT: For candidates seeking initial City employment, in accordance with Los Angeles City Ordinance 187134, information regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements as conditions of employment may be found at:

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: These positions are designated Category 3 on the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Conflict of Interest Code.

How to apply

APPLICATION AND DEADLINE: Attorneys interested in applying should submit a resume, cover letter, and writing samples specifying DCA - Prosecution Technology Unit #3151 B, in ONE (1) merged PDF document via email to

If you applied within the last 6 months for this position and are still interested, you
need not resubmit an application.

Position announcement will remain open until position is filled. Selected applicants
who meet the required qualifications will be invited to interview.