Senior Management Analyst I - ITD

Transfer | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Sylvia Mills
(213) 486-0200

job description

The Senior Management Analyst I will report directly to the Commanding Officer of ITD and responsibilities will include the following:

Serve as the Adjutant to the Commanding Officer

Coordinate and oversee projects and other divisional business with both internal and external clients

Assist the Co-Adjutant with Division Personnel management to include recruitment, training and retention

Develop and update procedure manuals for Information Technology Division

Prepare, administer, and analyze the Division budget to conform with overall Department strategic goals

Plan, direct, and manage the daily support operations of the Division's Administrative Section

Manage multiple high-profile project to ensure established deadlines are satisfied

Coordinate daily operations with Division Officer in Charge to ensure professional delivery of customer service

Good organizational and multi-tasking abilities are essential and a plus

Other duties as assigned by management

How to apply

Please submit the departmental application and your last two rating: