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Liliana Samayoa

job description

A Plumber performs skilled plumbing work and receives instructions in the form of
written and oral orders. Plumbers occasionally work from plans and specifications and
their work is subject to inspection by supervisors for quantity and quality and by
inspectors for conformance to legal requirements. Employees of this class must work
under buildings, in other close, cramped locations and are frequently subjected to
offensive odors. They differ from Pipefitters in that their work is primarily on plumbing
systems, while Pipefitters work on pipes and equipment which must withstand high
pressures and temperatures.
Summary of Duties:
A Plumber does skilled work in the layout, installation, repair, and maintenance of
sanitary and industrial plumbing systems, process piping, and fuel dispensing systems,
including air, gas, water, industrial waste, fuel, oil pipelines, and irrigation systems.

Example of Duties:
  • Measures, cuts, bends, threads, and reams pipe using hand and power tools and equipment;
  •  Installs and repairs plastic, copper, galvanized iron, cast iron, and vitrified clay pipe for water and drainage systems, air and gas lines, sewers, vents, and sprinkling systems in accordance with blueprints, sketches, and oral or written instructions; Caulks and tests piping;
  • Installs, repairs, and replaces plumbing appliances and fixtures such as sinks, basins, toilets, urinals, ice makers, water heaters, water cooling systems, drinking fountains, water filters and softeners, storage tanks, small pumps and kitchen plumbing equipment;
  • Installs grease traps and floor drains;
  •  Repairs and replaces valves, regulators and fittings;
  • Opens clogged lines;
  •  Cleans traps, pumps out cesspools and septic tanks;
  •  Adjusts thermostats and pressure regulators;
  •  Cleans and regulates gas burners;
  •  Prepares requisitions for materials and supplies;
  •  Inspects plumbing to ascertain needed repairs and replacements;
  •  Installs and maintains space heaters;
  •  May perform minor sheet metal work in conjunction with plumbing installations;
  •  May oversee the work of helpers; May check fire equipment and recharge fire extinguishers;
  •  May test and repair backflow devices;
  • May secure plumbing permits and call for inspections;
  • May work on air, gas, water, industrial waste, fuel, refrigeration, and butane piping and heating systems;
  •  May be assigned to other duties for training purposes or to meet technological changes or emergencies.

How to apply

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter and resume to: The subject line should read “Plumber Application
– ‘Your Name’” This position will remain open until Friday July 15 or
until sufficient applications are received.