Environmental Specialist

Transfer | Location: Westchester/ Venice (LAX-Hyperion)

Annual Salary

$69,718.00 - $122,774.00

contact information

Veronica Rivera

job description

Brief Description of Duties: 

Demonstrate LAWA's compliance with storm water regulations by conducting routine Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program tasks under the Industrial General Permit and support compliance efforts on construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program. Routine tasks include performing annual inspections and monthly observations of tenant and construction projects and facilities, annual storm water training and data entry, verification, evaluation and analysis. 
Prepare updates to SWPPP and may coordinate field sampling and monitoring projects. Based on the field observations, inspections and review of Pollution Prevention Team (PPT) submitted documents identify potential SWPPP non-compliant practices and communicate issues to project managers, LAWA's Commercial Development Group and/or PPTs to ensure corrective actions are being identified and properly implemented. Coordinates and participates in agency audits and may provide support on permit negotiations and applications. Coordinate and work with LAWA staff or consultants to implement best management practices for SWPPP program compliance. Provide training to field staff on how to comply with environmental regulations Document inspections and follow-up actions. Data entry. 

Review and ensure SWPPP documents comply with storm water regulations. Prepare SWPPP documents such as periodic updates and upload all documents onto the California’s Storm Water Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (as data submitter). Prepare Letters of Agreement in compliance with LID requirements.

Prepare, organize and update SWPPP guidance manuals and standard operating procedures, inspection and observation forms and other documents. Support ARCC and response to all spill according to established LAWA and regulatory protocols. Provide regulatory assistance with special storm water related projects (for example; comprehensive Storm Water map; LID/SUSMP compliance; Industrial General Storm Water Permit; Airport Safe Drinking Water Program).

Maintain the required level of technical expertise to perform field inspection and recommend Best Management Practices. Maintains understanding of regulatory requirements for storm water and other water regulations (for example, Low Impact Development, drinking water, wastewater), standards and regulations. 

Prepare reports, emails, briefings, standard operating procedures, work instructions, presentations and training materials/guidance documents, using Microsoft 365, prepares permits and communicates with various resource agencies or organizations. Attends meetings, maintains library of related information, and performs research as needed. 

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply by submitting a City Application and resume to Veronica Rivera to EnvironmentalProgramsHiring@lawa.org. Open till filled.