Accounting Clerk

Transfer | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Raymund Santos

job description

Duties include: 
  • Assisting with the processing of monthly water and electric billings and utilities data from the Department of Water and Power. 
  • Identifies issues relating to unusual billing period lengths, cost duplication, gaps in billing dates, frequently estimated bills, use or cost that exceeds the norm, significant variance from historical patterns for use, cost, or demand, meter reading issues, and rate schedule issues. 
  • Requesting of reports for all City owned facilities from DWP; manually editing, approving, or rejecting payment of a bill; process new service records for new service meters; preparation of Debits and Credits listing and applying any credits into service records wherever necessary. 
  • Prepare Cost Accounting Reports for User Departments based on AiM data.
  • Create Purchase Orders and pay vendor invoices.
  • Monitor HQ Expense Report.
  • Assists with other related clerical duties whenever needed.

How to apply

Applicants for this position should submit a current Civil Service Application/resume to:

Raymund Santos, Personnel Services Division, Stop 508, 
111 E. 1st Street Room 307, Los Angeles, CA 90012. 

You may also submit your application via email to or fax to: (213) 922-8514.

To identify the most qualified individuals, the selection process may consist of any or all of the following methods: a review of candidate applications and resumes, an interview and/or supplemental exercise to be determined at a later date.