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The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is offering one (1) emergency appointment opportunity in the classification of General Automotive Supervisor in the Transit Operations Division.

SALARY: $129,497.76 (MOU 12)

The individual selected for this position will be responsible for the following general duties and responsibilities:
  1. Manages a fleet of 406 buses; ensures that essential preventive maintenance is routinely completed to ensure reliable and operating vehicles for service. Directs the activities of an automotive maintenance and repair unit for LADOT fleet operations. Reviews and sets standards for mechanical repair facilities and required equipment. Coordinates the work of several shops under the employee’s supervision with each other and with the operating sections or bureaus of the department. Conducts walkthroughs and site-visits to ensure routine maintenance services are conducted on a regular basis through each yard facility. Handles oversight of maintenance inquiries, facilitates manufacturer dealings and monitors overall fleet maintenance operations. Prepares or supervises the preparation of time and material cost estimates for equipment repair and modifications.
  2. Assigns staff, in conjunction with Transit Bureau management, preventive maintenance, repair, refurbishment and operational aspects of the City's fleet of transit vehicles. Oversees the economical repair of equipment after failure has occurred and the administration of the preventive maintenance and vehicle repair program. Ensures that FTA required bus inspections are completed, conducted appropriately, are up-to-date and meticulously maintained and recorded. Reports to different agencies including: California Air Resources board (CARB), Southern California Air Quality District (AQMD), and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Provides a “Cradle to Grave” approach to ensure that all vehicles are maintained according to LADOT FTA/CHP regulations and recommendations from first in-service date until decommission.
  3. Directs the maintenance of shop cost, time, material, and personnel records and the preparation of reports on shop activities; submits the annual budget request for the unit; enforces the use of safety devices and the observance of safety precautions; inspects shops and repaired equipment and advises on repair methods and procedures; conducts and directs experiments and test on new and modified equipment.
  4. Develops and writes bus specifications, analyzes bids, recommends purchase, fabrication, or modification of existing LADOT transit vehicles; Researches and identifies potential vehicles that align with LADOT’s vision and goals for conformance to specifications and secures necessary documentation with compliance to FTA Grant Guidelines, Buy America Compliant, and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Writes task order solicitations for third party review of LADOT Transit bus assembly line builds on the manufacturing line, evaluates submitted technical specifications and proposals, and makes recommendations for contract award.
  5. Participates in the long term planning of vehicle purchases, type of bus purchases and activities with Transit Bureau management and staff. Oversees the implementation and placement of infrastructure across all shops to ensure fleet vehicles are properly positioned. Consults with representatives of manufacturers and other agencies and suggests changes and improvements in equipment; observes the operation of equipment in the field in order to check and improve repair methods; and may occasionally be assigned to other duties for training purposes or to meet technological changes or emergencies.
  6. Represents the Department and the City in a variety of interdepartmental and inter-agency meetings, addressing such topics as regulatory development; implementation and compliance processes; emission reduction strategic planning, development, implementation, testing and documentation procedures; and presents at conferences on emerging LADOT bus types and technology.

Candidates who meet the examination bulletin requirements for General Automotive Supervisor (Class Code 3718) are eligible to apply for this emergency appointment opportunity. The requirements for the General Automotive Supervisor examination include:
  1. 1. Four years of full-time paid experience at the level of an Automotive Supervisor or Equipment Specialist, or two years at a classification at the level of a Senior Automotive Supervisor.

All applications will be reviewed in order to identify candidates whose past and present work experience is most closely related to the positions’ duties. Final selection will be based on a written exercise and an oral interview, where candidates will be interviewed for their skills, knowledge, abilities, and personal qualifications for the position. In addition, the interviewers may contact present and former supervisors as part of the selection process.

In accordance with Los Angeles City Ordinance 187134, candidates must meet the minimum requirement of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or receive an exemption and report their vaccination status prior to being hired by the hiring City department. The ordinance is available at

How to apply

All interested candidates should submit a completed City application, which can be downloaded at This document must be scanned as a single .pdf file and e-mailed to Please list “General Automotive Supervisor Emergency” in the subject line of your email. Applications will be thoroughly reviewed to determine a reasonable number of candidates with the applicable background and experience to interview.

DEADLINE TO APPLY – May 27th, 2022 - 4:00PM

Only electronic submittals received during the filing period will be accepted. Incomplete applications and applications received after the filing period will not be considered. Submittals will not be considered if received by mail, fax, or in-person.
If you have any questions, please email them to

Prior to accepting an emergency appointment, you should be aware of the following information:

An emergency appointment is not a regular appointment. It is a temporary appointment which requires that you successfully compete in the Civil Service examination process. The appointment may not exceed one year and must be terminated immediately when a regular appointment can be made from an eligible list. No emergency appointment can exceed one year. (City Charter Section 1013).
In order to receive an emergency appointment, you must submit a completed, signed City application form which will be provided to the Personnel Department along with the Emergency Nomination Form completed by the employing department. If you meet the minimum qualifications for the examination for the class to which you have been nominated for an emergency appointment, you will need to submit an application for the next administration of that examination. You will be required to complete and submit a new application to the Personnel Department when the examination is open for filing.

If you are a City employee (received a regular appointment) and you accept an emergency appointment, you will automatically be on "protective" leave. This means you may automatically return to your former position at the end of the emergency appointment. If you are not currently a regular employee of the City of Los Angeles when you accept the emergency appointment and you cannot be appointed from an eligible list at the termination of your emergency appointment (one year or establishment of an eligible list, whichever comes first), you will be terminated from City employment.