Senior Administrative Clerk - Records and Identification Division

Transfer | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Jennifer Trinidad
(213) 486-8170

job description

Report Services Section (RSS)

RSS is responsible for scanning most Department reports into ICARS.  The section also responds to mail requests for various reports from the public, law enforcement, and other government agencies. A SAC in RSS may be responsible for preparing and scanning Department reports, answering phone calls, and processing mail. This position offers 540 and 980 schedules. The position is Monday through Friday.  An RSS bonus of 5.5% and a R&I computer bonus of 2.75% both apply.  

Administrative Services Unit (ASU) 

ASU provides direct support to employees in R&I and assists the Commanding Officer with projects from Administrative Services Bureau and Office of Support Services.  A SAC in ASU may be  responsible for timekeeping, generating reports, reviewing employee balances, assisting with Admin unit by answering calls, answering section OIC questions, acting as a secondary reviewer for projects, supply coordination, and other administrative duties.  This position is Monday through Friday, with a 5/40 or 9/80 schedule available.  A 2.75% computer bonus applies.  

Criminal History Section (CHS)

The CHS staff provide direct support to Jail Division, as well as to detective and patrol operations.  They perform updates of booking information into local and state databases, issue manual booking numbers, respond to requests for booking photos, and input sex and arson offender registration information.  Included in the CHS are the Department’s Livescan Coordinator, where staff act as the liaison with Department and City Information Technology personnel regarding the Livescan network connectivity within the Department, and  also between the Department and the County.  They also create and manage Livescan user accounts, register biometric logons, and provide password resets as needed. This position offers a 540 schedule and requires work on weekends and holidays.  A CHS bonus of 5.5% and a R&I computer bonus of 2.75% both apply.  

Vehicle Warrant Section (VWS)

The VWS acts as a call center for Department personnel, outside agencies, and various towing companies. They receive calls to enter stolen vehicles, property, and weapons into law enforcement databases and enter vehicle repossessions. They receive calls from other law enforcement agencies requesting warrant confirmations and requests for extradition.  Other assignments include but are not limited to: entering restraining orders, reviewing others’ work, performing secondary checks, and filing. 

The position requires employees to work weekends and holidays.  A VWS bonus of 5.5% and a R&I computer bonus of 2.75% both apply.  


How to apply

Candidate should submit Departmental Application and last two ratings via email to