MANAGEMENT ANALYST or Management Assistant (in-lieu) - CID

Transfer | Location: Civic Center

Annual Salary

$75,690.00 - $110,643.12

contact information

Cindy So
(213) 236-1450

job description

The Commission Investigation Division is the contract administrator for the Official Police Garages (OPG). The management Analyst assigned to the Audit and Inspection Unit receives Order Release/Reimbursement Request (ORRR) Packages from OPG operators: analyses and ensures ORR Packages are accurate, complete, and are in contract compliance, liaises with Fiscal Operation Division, OPG operators, and clerical staff by providing ORRR information, instructions, and package updates; at the direction of Commanding Officer, prepares and submits communication correspondence to Fiscal Operations Division regarding ORRR payment processing information and updates and maintains ORRR tracking system.

"Open until sufficient applications are received."

"Will accept Management Assistant in-lieu"

5/40 and 9/80 schedules available

How to apply

Please submit departmental application and your last two ratings: