Regional Program Coordinator - Summer Night Lights

Exempt | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Akeala Johnson
(213) 473-7796

job description

Department: Mayor’s Office of Public Safety/Office of Gang Reduction and Youth
Position: Regional Program Coordinator - Exempt Position

Duties and Responsibilities: The Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth
Development aims to reduce gang violence in specific geographic areas through the
application of gang prevention, intervention, violence interruption and community
engagement strategies. The GRYD Regional Program Coordinator oversees all program management functions including program implementation and oversight, community engagement, and technical assistance to providers on the GRYD comprehensive strategy. The GRYD Office is seeking a creative, highly organized event planner to help execute the Mayor’s Office – GRYD Summer Night Lights (SNL) program.

Specific duties of the Regional Program Coordinator SNL include:
• Serve as a public representative for the Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and
Youth Development (GRYD);
• Administer the comprehensive Gang Reduction and Youth Development strategy
and all of its components for the identified GRYD Zone(s);
• Provide technical assistance and programmatic oversight in planning unforgettable
events that generate brand awareness for the Summer Night Lights Program;
• Serve as the staff liaison to build business relationships with public and private
sponsors, in effort to operate the physical management of the SNL program;
• Manage and facilitate the conceptualization of ideas, plans and programs for SNL
related events, creating and managing budgets, outreach material, liaising with
suppliers, communicating with seasonal and program staff, and ultimately ensuring
that each site is operational for the execution of the 8 week program;
• Demonstrate skills as an expert multi-tasker with impeccable attention to details
including the extraordinary ability to foresee risks and anticipate needs so that
attendees and city staff are impressed and entirely satisfied by the time each event
comes to a close.
• Coordinate and facilitate communication between city partners (i.e. RAP, Cultural
Affairs, GRYD Foundation, Mayor’s Office and vendors and suppliers) on all logistical elements of SNL.
• Serve as the lead staff in supervising seasonal program staff (Cluster Coordinators,
Program Coordinators and Youth Squad);
• Develop, research and plan training aspects in consultation with RAP, GRYD and local vendors for staff and hired personnel;
• Implement program goals, curriculum, design layout and metric development for data and evaluation;
• Organize outreach material to advertise and recruit staffing, workshops and sports
activity and community/vendor participation;
• Ensure mechanisms are in place to accurately collect and maintain data for each
program site on a nightly basis to ensure overall metrics and evaluations, developing post-event reports on the effectiveness of each event.;
• Brainstorm and implement event concepts and themes across all 32 sites;
• Organize partners, vendors, suppliers, caterers, staff, and entertainment;
• Assist with the ongoing case management activities relating to SNL staff after care and program follow up;
• Ability to lift a minimum of 15lbs;
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Additional GRYD Duties as assigned to support Regional Program Coordinators:
• Serve as an additional staff member carrying out Regional Program Duties as
• Provide technical assistance to GRYD contractors (prevention, intervention, juvenile reentry, and juvenile diversion) who provide direct services in the GRYD Zone(s);
• Assist with the oversight and monitoring of GRYD contractor’s programmatic and
fiscal performance. Monitoring and reconcile monthly agency invoice submission
coordinating with GRYD fiscal accounts and agency personnel;
• Serve as a facilitator of communication between GRYD intervention contractors and law enforcement in response to gang related incidents of violence (requires being on call 24/7 includes deployment to crime scenes, hospitals, and other locations in the community);
• Serve as lead or support on Mayor’s Office/GRYD initiatives as assigned;
• Assist with the writing, editing and review of internal documents related to program development and implementation;
• Ensure participation and collaboration from local stakeholders including law
enforcement, schools, community organizations, juvenile justice agencies, and faith-
based institutions;
• Oversee GRYD’s data collection efforts (data tracking in assigned zone; submitting data and reports on timely basis, etc.) with GRYD ETO system;
• Actively participate and lead agency trainings for contract compliance and program adherence;
• Implement Community Education Campaign presentations in coordination with gang prevention and intervention providers and educational institutions;
• Coordinate and implement the Mayor’s Summer Night Lights and Fall Friday Nights programs at designated parks and recreation centers;
• Oversee a portfolio of projects to advance the program goals, including work to
research and share best practices.
• Respond to requests for information and assistance, troubleshoot, problem solve,
and connect people to resources;
• Participate in and present at local, state, and national meetings and conferences;
• Support GRYD activities including but not limited to Gun Buyback and training (e.g. GRYD intervention and prevention model of practice, Los Angeles Violence
Intervention Training Academy, case management, intentional youth development,
Law Enforcement Gang Intervention Awareness).
• Assist with the implementation of special programs (i.e. diversion, re-entry, trauma, youth development and preventions and intervention programming.

Position Requirements:
We are seeking applicants who meet the following requirements:
A degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in public
administration, public policy, sociology, psychology, social work or a related field;
experience in hospitality, public relations, management, or related field. Experience in project management with a track record of successful events. Excellent organizational skills and strong communication and interpersonal skills. Applicant should be creative, out-of-the-box thinking and have the ability to lead a large team and delegate tasks effectively. An expert time management skills, financial savvy with the ability to adhere to plan budgets and process invoices. Applicants must also possess a passion for violence prevention; knowledge of widely accepted practices related to delinquency prevention, crisis intervention, intentional youth development, and trauma-informed care and the ability to recognize connections between violence and its impact across/within all races, cultures, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds; the ability to work with diverse populations; the ability to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with staff members at all levels of partner organizations; the ability to work on-call 24/7 as needed to deploy to crime scenes, hospitals, etc. and to work in the field throughout the City; a proven record of exercising good judgment and professionalism; experience with effectively facilitating meetings and developing consensus; excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to deliver professional
presentations both locally and nationally; ability to understand and interpret complex policies/procedures and to develop plans to address identified issues, strong organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail; ability to multitask and adapt quickly to change; possess a strong appetite for complexity and tolerance for uncertainty; and proficiency with traditional office software programs.

Bilingual in English and Spanish desired but not required. 

Start Date and Salary: Anticipated start date for this position is immediate. Compensation will be negotiated within an established annual salary range commensurate with demonstrated skills and work experience.

This Program Coordinator position is an exempt, at-will position. The incumbent will not accrue any civil service tenure or contractual employment rights in such position. This Coordinator may be removed, without any finding of cause, by the hiring authority.

How to apply

Qualified candidates should email a cover letter and resume to:
Akeala Johnson
Gang Reduction and Youth Development Office
of Mayor Eric Garcetti

If you have any questions related to this position description, you may call our office at (213) 473-7796.