Commission Executive Assistant I

Emergency Appt | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Oliver Quirante

job description

The Commission Executive Assistant (CEA) in the Commission Office reports directly to the manager of the Commission Office Support Section.  The CEA regularly attends City or Area Planning Commission meetings.  

The duties of the Commission Executive Assistant in the Commission Office include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Compose Commission agenda for regular, special and/or emergency meetings in accordance with the State Brown Act and other legal requirements.  Take minutes of the Commission meetings for publication on the Department and City website.
  • Attend Commission meetings and advise the Commission on procedural matters, including Brown Act requirements and Robert's Rules of Order.  Record actions of the Commission.
  • Attend regular Commission meetings conducted in the evening after 4:30pm at least once or more per week. 
  • Prepare Letters of Determination (LOD) in accordance with the Commission action.  Coordinate with City Planning staff and/or with various divisions for submittal of staff reports for distribution to the Commissioners, Department management, Council offices, and City Attorneys.
  • Oversee the reservation of the physical meeting venues or schedule and setup online meeting platform when applicable; ensure proper set-up for Commission meetings which include preparation of packets of materials for Commissioners prior to each meeting, purchase and arrange refreshments for the Commissioners for onsite meetings, ensure Commissioners have the proper tools to log on and attend online meetings when applicable, and ensure security is present at the meeting venues when necessary.
  • Manage Commission meeting calendars making sure that a quorum exists.
  • Conduct administrative functions for the Commission such as maintaining regular/electronic mails received and reappointment letters, etc.
  • Prepare monthly expense account for submittal to the Controller's Office.
  • Upload and/or approve transmittal to the City Clerk via the Novus System.
  • Update the Planning and Case Tracking System (PCTS) with updated case information.
  • Must be able to lift at least 15 to 30 lbs., such as case files, bins/boxes and tables and chairs.  
  • Provide assistance and information to the general public, other governmental agencies; answer phone calls from the public when other staff is not available.  
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Supervisor or Management.  
Minimum Requirements

Current City employees who meet the promotional examination bulletin requirements for Commission Executive Assistant (Class Code 9734-1) are eligible to apply for this emergency appointment opportunity.  The requirements for the Commission Executive Assistant  examination includes:

Two years of full-time paid experience as a Secretary, or in a class at that level in office clerical work.  

How to apply

If you would like to be considered for this emergency appointment opportunity, please submit your most current resume via e-mail to by Monday, January 31, 2022.  In the subject line, please reference "City Planning - Commission Executive Assistant I Emergency Appointment".  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Oliver Quirante at (213) 978-1772 or via e-mail at