Senior Management Analyst I

Transfer | Location: Westchester/ Venice (LAX-Hyperion)

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The Development Group

job description

Serves as contract manager administering the on-call architectural and engineering design/planning contracts and construction services performed by LA's General Services Department. Works in close coordination with technical staff throughout full life-cycle of project from procurement through contract execution and management to project close-out. Performs day to day contract management and compliance functions. Liaison with other LAWA divisions including, but not limited to, Procurement Services, City Attorney, and Accounting as well as other City departments in delivery of Capital projects.

Works in close coordination with TDG project managers to issue, track, and report task orders supporting both project delivery (LAMP, TDIP, ADP) as well as new planning and design efforts (ATMP, CTA Wayfinding, Cargo etc.). Uses various software and reporting systems including Prolog, SAP, and Procurement Wizard to initiate and monitor project activities and expenditures.

Supervises, manages, plans and directs the work of administrative professional staff who update contract administrative policies and assists with addressing contract compliance concerns.

Plays an integral role in ensuring LAWA firms meet their Business Enterprise commitments and preparing a wide-variety of narrative and statistical reports in relation to LAWA contracts, such as monthly Program Status Reports (PSR) and Contract Status Reports (CSR).

How to apply

Qualified candidates should submit a City application and resume to by the deadline stated above. Screening will be conducted to select the most qualified candidates for interview.