Civil Engineering Associate II/III

Transfer | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Erika D. Hillard

job description

There are multiple Divisions within the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) with vacancies including Bridge Improvement, Central, Clean Water, Environmental Engineering, Harbor, Street Improvement, Wastewater Conveyance Construction, Wastewater Conveyance Engineering, and Valley. 

 Civil Engineering Associate (CEA) IIIs may supervise a small group of employees, or to serve as a project manager or project engineer involved in work that is technically complex, requiring considerable experience, skill and engineering knowledge. As resident engineers or technical assistants, they will be expected to exercise judgment, making recommendations as necessary to senior staff. They will be expected to develop administrative systems and techniques to supervise, direct, maintain, evaluate and report on, and carry out necessary tasks to execute civil engineering projects, including the preparation of plans and specifications, and/or review of plans for work in the public rightsof-way in a variety of engineering programs. 

CEA III’s will be familiar with the BOE Project Delivery Manual (PDM), thus knowledgeable about how projects are developed, funded and authorized. A CEA III may be responsible for managing the budget, schedule and scope, coordinating City staff and/or consultants, chairing meetings and managing documents. Duties may include maintaining project status reports through the Uniform Project Reporting System (UPRS) for external and internal stakeholders. 

 CEA III’s must have working knowledge of the latest applicable codes, regulations, construction practices, contract requirements, procedures and techniques, be able to conduct training, and provide technical expertise and guidance to other design engineers. Candidates must have strong communication skills, be capable of working efficiently and effectively in a dynamic team environment with engineers of various disciplines. They are expected to have highly developed interpersonal and negotiation skills to work closely with regulatory agencies, grantors, elected officials and their staff, members of the public, and above all, the client. 

 CEA III’s in the Development Services Program should be familiar with the Development Services Procedural Manual and BOE Standards

How to apply

Candidates interested in applying for these positions should submit a Departmental Application and resume to Erika Hillard at by the application deadline.