Management Analyst (Airport Police)

Transfer | Location: Westchester/ Venice (LAX-Hyperion)

contact information

Tiffany O'Neal

job description

The duties and responsibilities of the Management Analyst position in Airport Police’s (APD) Patrol Unit include but are not limited to preparing the following:
• Monthly and quarterly officers and supervisors deployment rosters based on RDO bids;
• Annual vacation rosters;
• Report that compares actionable monthly information regarding COVID-19;
• Requests for training and travel, which also includes updating the Training Database;
• Expenditures report;
• Requests for supplies;

• Annual deployment calendar.

Additionally, duties and responsibilities include auditing the following:
• LAX APD bi-weekly overtime expenditures and producing a report;
• Sick and overtime usage.

Other duties as assigned.

How to apply

Qualified candidates should submit a completed City of Los Angeles application to Tiffany O'Neal via email: to'