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job description

Six Vacancies to fill the following Units: 

California Public Records Act (CPRA), Subpoena Duces Tecum (SDT), Senate Bill (SB) 1421 and Pitchess Motion (PM).

Some primary responsibilities will include but not limited to the following:
Research and gather relevant Department records to respond to CPRA, SDT, SB142 and PU requests or court orders.

Follow and apply applicable US/CA/LA statutory provisions or laws, such as the California Government Codes, Penal Codes, Evidence Codes, Los Angeles City Ordinances, and Department policies to craft an appropriate response for each record requestor and/or court compliance order. 

Represent the Department as the Custodian of Records in administrative hearing or court proceeding as needed. 

Additional responsibilities may include performing the overall general duties of a typical Management Analyst assigned to an Administrative Division. 

Flexible work schedules available: 4/10, 9/80 or 5/40. 

May consider Management Assistant/Aide in-lieu

How to apply

Email Departmental Application and last two ratings to