Management Analyst

Transfer | Location: Westchester/ Venice (LAX-Hyperion)

contact information

Jamille Smith

job description

Brief description of duties of position:

Provide budget administration, analysis and forecast of future expenditures and revenues throughout the fiscal year.  Prepare reports and review with assigned divisions and Budget supervisors to ensure that the adopted funds are being used as planned.   Assist in developing a response to over or under spending and changing needs.  Review and perform budget transfers in LAWA's Enterprise Resource Planning program (SAP), and in the Budget Monitoring System (BMS).

Assist in the Annual Budget Process.  Monitor assigned divisions' progress and provide assistance.  Review and make recommendations regarding budget requests.

How to apply

Interested candidates, who are currently in the job classification of Management Analyst, should submit a completed City of Los Angeles application and resume via email to, attention Jamille Smith.