MANAGEMENT ANALYST - Recruitment and Employment Division

Transfer | Location: Civic Center

contact information

Aileen Kellough
213 486-4753

job description

Compile statistical data for CompStat and complete complex weekly and monthly statistical reports, performance reports and internal audit reports, prepare PowerPoint presentations and organizational charts, handles coordination of personnel selections,  serve as liaison between City Departments, private entities and RED as needed, manage vacation schedules, technical liaison for various Units within the Division, assist yearly budget requests for personnel and equipment expenses for the Division, prepare correspondence, memoranda, or directives on behalf of the Division Commanding Officer, respond to inquiries for RED management, and/or for submission to the Bureau Commanding Officer, Chief of Police and the Police Commission, other duties as needed. Serves as backup to the division’s Adjutant.

How to apply

Please submit Departmental Application and last two ratings via email to

Will accept Management Assistant or Management Aide in-lieu