Plumber Supervisor

Emergency Appt | Location: Westchester/ Venice (LAX-Hyperion)

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·         Plan, layout, assign, coordinate, schedule, review, and inspect the work of Senior Plumbers, Plumbers, Pipefitters, Mechanical Helpers and other workers engaged in the installation, maintenance, overhaul, repair, and testing of plumbing/pipe systems;

·         Determines that plumbing equipment has been properly installed, repaired, and/or maintained;

·         Inspects plumbing/pipe installations to determine maintenance requirements and procedures and prepares maintenance work schedules for journey-level employees;

·         Investigates trouble calls;

·         Ensures conformance to City of Los Angeles Building and Safety codes;

·         Ensures safety-related work practices for working on, or in proximity to, plumbing/pipe equipment found in wastewater collection and water reclamation facilities and grounds;

·         Assess plans or diagrams for new installations and alterations;

·         May inspect work or progress of contractors for conformance to plans and specifications;

·         Makes sketches and layouts for plumbing/pipe construction, alterations, replacement, or extension’ Recommends changes to improve existing facilities and upgrade equipment and systems;

·         Works with engineers to prepare plans and secure plumbing permits;

·         Prepares material lists, cost estimates, and requisitions materials;

·         Conducts training and safety meetings for staff;

·         Applies sound supervisory principles and techniques in building and maintaining an effective workforce, including discipline; and

·         Fulfills equal employment opportunity responsibilities.



·         Good knowledge of laws and ordinances regulating plumbing;

·         Good knowledge of methods of laying out and installing, repairing, and maintaining gas, oil, water, sewer, and other piping systems;

·         Good knowledge of approved practices and procedures for worker’s safety, including pertinent State and City laws and regulations;

·         Good knowledge of hydraulic flow rates, pipe sizes, and pressures commonly encountered in plumbing installations;

·         Good knowledge of safety regulations and precautions;

·         Working knowledge of heating and ventilating provisions of the City of Los Angeles Municipal Code;

·         Working knowledge of supervisory principles and practices, personnel rules, policies, and procedures;

·         Good knowledge City personnel rules, policies, and procedures including those involving affirmative action, and equal employment opportunity;

·         Good knowledge of Memoranda of Understanding as it pertains to subordinate personnel;

·         Ability to read and interpret blueprints, schematics, diagrams pertaining to plumbing systems;

·         Ability to install and make adjustments and repairs to water heaters, water systems, water coolers, pumps, valves, backflow devices, and similar plumbing systems;

·         Ability to keep routine time and work records and prepare reports;

·         Ability to order and issue materials;

·         Ability to estimate time, cost, and materials necessary for plumbing installations and repairs;

·         Ability to deal tactfully and effectively with subordinates and other employees;

·         Ability to supervise, instruct, and prioritize the work of staff.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement: In accordance with Los Angeles City Ordinance 187134, candidates must meet the minimum requirement of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or receive an exemption and report their vaccination status prior to being hired by the hiring City department. The ordinance is available at

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All applications and resumes must be received by Friday, October 15, 2021, at 3:00 pm