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The City of Los Angeles invites your interest for Executive Director of the Youth Development Department. The Youth Development Department (YDD), established in summer 2021, serves as a central information center and coordinates with other City departments, regional agencies, community organizations, and youth leaders to develop and administer a long-term, data driven, citywide youth development strategic plan through a violence prevention and trauma informed lens. The department monitors the use of resources allocated toward young Angelenos and serves as the central information hub on youth services in the City. Young people age 24 and under make up nearly one-third of the City’s population; too many Los Angeles youth live in poverty; thousands are homeless; some have been impacted by violence; and others are new to the country. The department will help elevate the voices of youth in local government and City operations while enriching lives and securing their and the City’s futures.


  • Strategic visionary thinkers who are data driven and understand the necessity of taking the long term view in order to realize outcomes that are socially sustainable and address the issues of youth in Los Angeles.
  • The ability to effectively collaborate with the Mayor’s office, City Council, City departments, and non-profit organizations within the Los Angeles and Southern California region to confer and coordinate efforts toward common goals.
  • Knowledge of youth development programs and policies of other local, state, and federal agencies.
  • The ability to conceptualize and develop comprehensive strategic plans.
  • Have strong leadership abilities and superior interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Have the skills necessary to define a direction, facilitate change, inspire teamwork, and adapt to meet department goals and objectives in a changing environment.
  • Team builders who make it a priority to recruit, hire, train, and lead diverse staff.
  • Knowledge of and ability to provide staff development, succession planning, and other related training.
  • The ability to manage fiscal operations and expenditures including preparing and submitting proposed budgets sufficient to complete, review, and/or approve budget requests and justifications.
  • Knowledge of City contract and bid procedures, including the ability to execute contracts and contract amendments.

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized four year college or university; and
  • Three years of full-time paid professional management experience managing the operations of a complex agency in either the public or non-profit sector that specializes in the assistance of high-risk groups including but not limited to youth, under-served communities, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ+, persons experiencing homelessness, veterans, and the incarcerated or recently incarcerated; or
  • Five years of full-time experience leading, managing and/or directing subordinates of a mid-to-large size office or organization as well as teams and/or coalitions that directly serve or coordinate services of agencies for members of the communities aforementioned in the desired qualification above.

A competitive compensation package will be offered for this at-will executive position. The annual salary range is $143,132 to $253,817 per year with an excellent benefits package which includes a retirement plan through the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (LACERS); generous vacation and sick leave; 13 paid holidays per year; a flexible benefits plan including multi-option health, dental, and vision coverage; and family and domestic  partner leave.

*The position of Executive Director of the Youth Development Department is an exempt, at-will management position, equivalent to a General Manager. The incumbent will not accrue any civil service tenure, contractual employment rights or due process rights. The Executive Director is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Mayor. The incumbent may be removed, without any finding of cause.

How to apply

Electronic submittals are required. Interested candidates should immediately submit a resume, cover letter of  interest, and three work-related references (include name, job title, affiliation, and telephone number) to per.execsearch@lacity.org.

Note: When e-mailing your application material, the subject line should reflect your name and the job title you are applying for.

Questions may be referred to Nicole Bawa at (213) 473-9172 or Jenelle Hamilton at (213) 473-5403.

Interested applicants should submit their application as soon  as possible, but no later than Wednesday, September 15, 2021. 

In order to be considered, resumes must include: A description of the size and function of the organizations  managed; description of your role in the organization; at least one major professional accomplishment in which you played a key role; and any relevant experiences or unique characteristics which could further qualify you for  this position.

Upon submission of the application documents, applicants may be asked to complete a supplemental questionnaire. Only the most qualified candidates will be invited to the next phase of the selection process, which is an interview.