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Raymund Santos

job description

Performs major preventive and scheduled maintenance on electrical systems and electrical equipment; also troubleshoots and repairs lighting systems, including switches, receptacles, plugs, ballasts, panel boards and small appliances.  Air conditioning and heating systems, including exhaust fans, chiller controls, compressors, supply fans and controllers.  Motors and generators, including magnetic controllers, transfer switches, fused switches, and stop and start stations.  Main service equipment, including main breakers, tie breakers, and metering and switching devices.  Transformers, including step up and down systems and isolating systems.  Emergency power systems, including emergency generators, transfer switches, lead acid batteries, panels, switchboards and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.  Fire alarm systems, including pull stations, smoke detectors and annunciator panels which require electricians to have the knowledge and understanding of electrical schematics and prints, operation of testing equipment such as voltmeters, meggars, am probes, recording equipment, and good safety practices.  Electrical boxes for remote control gates and automatic overhead doors to keep public safety gates & doors operating with minimal downtime at Fire & Police Stations.  Inspect and maintain all of the above - cleans and lubricates motors and appliances, inspects and replaces motor and generator brushes and electrical control contacts, inspects and refastens feeder, branch circuit, and control wiring connections, and follows good safety practices.  Installs conduits, raceways and all required wiring for convenient power and lighting systems, and other electrical equipment. Requires knowledge and understanding of electrical prints, National Electrical Code, different wiring methods, operations of tools and equipment of the trade, and good safety practices. Operate and drive manlift equipment such as scissor lifts and boom trucks.

How to apply

Please submit a City application (see link) via fax to (213) 922-8514 or email to raymund.santos@lacity.org