The City of Los Angeles currently partners with two different platforms to remote proctor online tests. These platforms have different methods of completing check-in and compatibility checks, so it is strongly recommended that you review the chart below to gain a better understanding of what may be required prior to taking an online test.

Note: Items with an asterisk (*) include additional information, which may be accessed by opening the dropdown toggles following the chart.

Items Platform I Platform II
 *Account Set-Up/ Log-In Required    ✔
 *Schedule to Take the Test    ✔
 *Take the Test Anytime (within the testing period) with a Test Code  ✔  
 Live Proctor at Check-in    ✔
 System Prompted Check-in  ✔  
 ID Check  ✔  ✔
 *Room Scan  ✔  ✔
 Self Portrait  ✔  
 *Prohibited Programs  ✔  ✔
 *Video/Audio Recorded (Desktop/ Webcam)  ✔  ✔


We strongly recommend you complete a quick compatibility check for each platform ahead of your online test using the links below. Even though the online test will only be administered on one of these platforms, testing out both will only further ensure your equipment is compatible for any online test with the City of Los Angeles. Technical support information for the various platforms can be found on the remote proctored online testing homepage.

Platform I Practice Test

To familiarize yourself with the online testing system and the automated online check-in process so that you know what you can expect if you are invited to take a test using this platform, select “Take Practice Test” below. This practice test only contains questions related to the testing conditions and rules that you must adhere to while taking the online test. Please note that by clicking “Take Practice Test,” you will be directed to a webpage that requires you to download the necessary software, and complete a few easy-to-follow steps, including entering the test code 1234567, in order to take the practice test.

Platform II 

By clicking “Learn More” below, you will be directed to a page which will automatically check your webcam, microphone, operating system, browser, and internet speed to determine if your system meets the requirements for tests administered using this platform.