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124 results
Job Title ▲▼ Post Date ▲▼ Department ▲▼ Job Type ▲▼
SIGNAL SYSTEMS ELECTRICIAN 3819 (E) (REVISED 9-29-21) 10/1/21 Various Civil Service
SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK 1368 (B) (REVISED 10-27-2021) 12/1/21 Various Promotional Civil Service
SECURITY OFFICER 3181 11/24/21 Various Civil Service
SAFETY ENGINEER PRESSURE VESSELS 4261 C 7/6/20 Various Civil Service
PROGRAMMER ANALYST IV - ADSD 11/23/21 Police Transfer Civil Service
PROGRAMMER ANALYST 12/2/21 DWP Transfer Civil Service
PRINCIPAL PROJECT COORDINATOR 11/16/21 City Administrative Officer Exempt
PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTANT 11/9/21 Recreation and Parks Transfer Civil Service
PR CLERK 10/6/21 City Clerk Transfer Civil Service
PHYSICIAN II 9/1/21 DWP Exempt
PRINCIPAL DETENTION OFFICER 3215 11/29/21 Various Promotional Civil Service
PORT POLICE SPECIALIST (LATERAL) 3238 (REVISED 9/10/21) 9/13/21 Various Civil Service
PORT POLICE OFFICER 3221 (REVISED 9/10/21) 9/13/21 Various Civil Service
POLYGRAPH EXAMINER 2240 11/10/21 Various Civil Service
POLICE SPECIALIST (LATERAL) 2214 (REVISED 9/10/21) 9/13/21 Various Civil Service
POLICE SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR 1640 11/17/20 Various Civil Service
POLICE SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE 2207 11/10/21 Various Civil Service
POLICE OFFICER 2214 (REVISED 9/10/21) 9/13/21 Various Civil Service
PLANNING ASSISTANT 7939 (REVISED 07-21-21) 9/3/21 Various Civil Service
PAYROLL SUPERVISOR 1170 11/24/21 Various Promotional Civil Service
PARK RANGER 1966 (B) 11/10/21 Various Civil Service
MATERIALS TESTING TECHNICIAN 11/24/21 General Services Emergency Appt
MATERIALS TESTING TECHNICIAN 11/24/21 General Services Exempt
MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT 11/23/21 Airports Transfer Civil Service
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