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Is there one test I can take for all City jobs?
No. The City Charter requires a test of fitness for each permanent City job. Federal law also requires that a testing process be related to the job to be performed. Since City job classifications have different duties, an examination must be designed for each type of job to be filled.
What should I study in preparation for the examination?
To ensure that all applicants receive the same information, we are unable to direct applicants to specific study materials. Our only suggestion is for applicants to review the examination announcement that describes those factors that will be covered in the examination.
Do you give any exams in a language other than English?
No, at this time the exams are in English, however, in the future, some exams may be offered in Spanish.

When is the written test, interview or performance test going to be administered?
The date of a written test is generally stated on the examination announcement. All applicants eligible to participate in interview and /or performance tests will be notified at the same time by email, to ensure that no applicant has an advantage in the examination.
I cannot take the written test on the date it is scheduled, what can I do?
A late written test will only be administered for non-City employees if the applicant is unable to appear due to a military commitment, a religious belief, or an error by a Personnel Department staff member.

A late written test administration will be considered for City employees due to:
military commitment, religious belief, error by a Personnel Department staff member, major injury or illness of the employee, death or imminent death of a member of the employee's immediate family, required official performance of City business at the time of the written test; legal summons as a juror or witness, or substantial financial vacation commitments (over $200) made prior to the publication of the examination announcement.

An administration of a Late Test must be requested in a timely manner, and supporting documentation must be provided. Please contact the Late Test Administrator at (213) 473-9463 or (213) 473-9444 for more information, and to request a Late Test.

What is an online test?
An online test is a test which you can take on a computer. An online test may be taken as part of the application process or scheduled later on in the selection process. An online test may include, but not be limited to, an essay, training & experience questionnaire, or multiple-choice test. These online tests may be proctored or unproctored.
What is the difference between a proctored and unproctored online test?
A proctored online test is a test that is monitored by the Personnel Department, whereas an unproctored online test is not monitored.
If I take an online test at a place of my own choosing, will I be monitored?
The job bulletin will provide you with some general information to let you know ahead of time if the test will be proctored (monitored) online. If the test is proctored online, instructions will be provided to you via email as you proceed in the selection process on what that will entail, including time frames, test procedures, test rules, etc.
Do I need special equipment or a special place to take a proctored online test?
For a proctored online test, you will need to download the necessary software to your computer in order for the Personnel Department to monitor your test taking and to ensure test security. Your computer will be required to have a webcam so that your actions, room/location, and desktop may be audio and visually recorded and monitored. Like a regular test, proctored online tests will be timed so you will be required to set aside a specified number of hours (depending on the test) to check in and take the test uninterrupted in a secure and private location, usually in one sitting.
Will online tests be given during the week or weekend?
An online test may be given in a variety of times, such as a single day, over several days, or over a week, depending on the exam. There will be general information on the job bulletin on what the time frame will be, and detailed instructions will be emailed to you as you move forward in the selection process to provide you with the specifics on the time frame for completing the online test, if the test is monitored or not, and if the test is timed or not. For the most part, monitored (proctored) tests will be timed.
Will I be required to show my ID during a proctored online test?
Yes, for proctored online tests, we will need to verify your identity during the check-in process when you're ready to take the test. Please be prepared to show your State or Federal issued photo identification card during this process.
If I don't have the proper equipment or location to take the online test, or I am generally uncomfortable about taking the test using my own equipment, what are my options?
You may be given the opportunity to self-schedule yourself for an onsite test (a test given on the computer at a Personnel Department designated facility), or be required to contact the Personnel Department as specified in the instructions provided to you during the selection process in order to make arrangements for alternative testing.

When will I receive my test results?
Applicants will receive their test results after the examination has been completed. A report will be emailed to you showing your score on each test part. The report will also indicate your overall ranking in the examination based on your final score and the number of applicants who have scores higher than your own. The length of time to complete an examination depends on a number of factors, including the size of the group that was tested, the method of testing, and the number of other exams being processed.
Can you tell me if the results for a test that I took were emailed?
Your score will be emailed to you as soon as the examination is completed. Please be sure to notify Central Services if your email address changes.

My email address and/or phone number has changed since I filed an application.
Click here to fill out request a Change of Address form.

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