On December 12, 2022, Mayor Karen Bass, as her first act in office, declared a state of emergency on homelessness. The declaration recognizes the severity of Los Angeles' crisis and breaks new ground to maximize the city’s ability to urgently move people inside. Join the City of Los Angeles to support City services focused on homelessness efforts. 

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City Attorney's COVID-19 Prevention Program Template
Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations
Stop The Spread: Cover Coughs & Sneezes Illustration
Stop The Spread: Stand Back, Social Distancing Illustration
Stop The Spread: Feeling Sick? Stay Home! Illustration
Stop The Spread: Wash Your Hands, 20 Seconds Stops the Spread Illustration


Vaccines are available through a network of providers across LA County, including County sites, City sites, pharmacies and health providers.

When you go to your appointment, please make sure to have your identification and appointment confirmation ready.  Be prepared to wait in line, too.

To schedule with the County or City, visit


Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vaccine does not contain a live virus; You will not be infected with COVID-19.

The vaccine is free to everyone. Your doctor or pharmacy may charge a fee, which your insurance should cover. People without insurance can get the vaccine with no out-of pocket cost/payments.

When you select a site, you can choose one with a specific type of vaccine (both doses should be the same), and select walk up or drive through. Wear clothing that allows easy access to your upper left arm. Be prepared to wait.

There are two different, but equally effective, vaccines. Both vaccines require two doses to be fully protected. Effectiveness is 94% with two doses. Make note of which vaccine you are given as it affects the timeline of your second dose.

Visit CDC

mandated vaccine exemptions

For City employees, if you would like to file a medical or religious exemption from the mandated vaccination requirement, please review the procedures below, complete the applicable documents, and submit them. You will also need to set up mandatory weekly testing. Please click Testing Set Up below to complete the process.

Upload your covid-19 Test Results

Use the following portal to enter your 3rd Party COVID-19 test results. Only PCR SARS-COV-2 VIRUS Tests are accepted and only one test per week is required.

You must upload the results of your PCR COVID-19 test on the first day you are in the office/work location. The test must have been conducted within 72 hours of your upload date.

Workforce Development

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