The Commute Options & Parking Section (COPS) of the Personnel Department administers the operation of the City Rideshare Program and is responsible for the issuance of employee parking permits for City-owned and leased parking lots. The function of COPS is to provide City employees with current information on commute alternatives, and to encourage employees to do their part in the City's efforts to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the Los Angeles Basin. The COPS coordinates the Vanpool, Carpool, Transit Subsidy Reimbursement, and Bike/Walk Reimbursement, and Telecommuting Programs.

***EV Charger Guidelines and Instructions on How to use the new EV Chargers in City Hall East.***

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If you have to park your personal vehicle at a City worksite, the City of Los Angeles has parking available if you meet certain qualifications.

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The City offers a variety of benefits to encourage the use of public transportation and other means of commuting not involving single vehicle ridership. This in turn helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion and support a more sustainable, livable environment for the Los Angeles area. Programs include the following:

  • A Transit Reimbursement program providing up to $50 per month to individuals who use public transportation to commute. To access the form, click:
  • A Transit Spending Account allowing employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for transit expenses, and providing a Transit Match of up to $50 per month. Enroll or access your account at
  • A Bike/Walk to work program providing up to $50 per month to individuals who walk or bike to work.
  • A Vanpool Program operating over 90 vans commuting from the greater Los Angeles area to common City work locations. Click here to learn more:
  • A Carpool Program helping match employees interested in sharing transportation costs and provides reduced parking fees. Click here to learn more:

Parking Benefits

The City provides employee parking at a variety of City-owned and leased lots near primary City work facilities. The cost of parking to the employee varies by type of permit. Permits are issued based on availability within the lot and other factors. Important general information about parking includes the following:

  • To apply for and make changes to parking benefits. Contact the Commute Options and Parking Section at (213) 978-1634 or by email to
  • Most parking permit fees are deducted from employee paychecks on a pre-tax basis
  • Employees parking on their own (not at a City owned/leased lot) can enroll in a “Parking Spending Account” program to set aside pre-tax dollars for parking expenses. Enroll or access your account at
  • The City offers Individual, Night, Disabled, and other types of permits depending on need, work schedule, and other factors

Commute Options

Q. What are my options for commuting to work?
A. Options for commuting to work include:
  1. Driving a vehicle on your own
  2. Public transportation (bus, train or rail)
  3. Ride‐sharing (carpool or vanpool)
  4. Biking/Walking
Not all of these options are available to all individuals, depending upon whether one owns a car, proximity of home to work location, proximity of public transportation lines, work schedule, etc.

Q. If I have a car, why should I consider commuting alternatives?
A. Commuting solo every day has a number of downsides associated with it: the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance; driving‐related stress from traffic; and environmental impact. By comparison, sharing commuting with others can lower your transportation costs, reduce stress, and contribute towards reduced traffic congestion and cleaner air.

Q. How can I learn more about public transportation options for coming to work?
A. There are a variety of resources available to investigate public transportation options. The L.A. Metropolitan Transit Authority ( provides information for bus, train and rail transportation within the greater Los Angeles area. The website also provides a “Trip Planner” tool which provides detailed information about commute options between various location points.

Q. What incentives does the City offer to use alternative means of commuting to work?
A. The City offers cash incentives (up to $50 per month) to reimburse or match money you spend on public transportation, or to bike or walk to work; a vanpool program allowing groups of City employees to form vans and commute from common areas from residence to a common work location; and a carpool program to help match commuters.


Q. If driving alone is still the best option for me, what parking benefits does the City offer?
A. Employee parking may be available at a number of City‐owned and leased parking lots near City work facilities. Employees pay for their parking, with the cost of permits varying by the type and location of permit issued. Parking permits are limited by the number of spaces available at a given location, and certain lots can have lengthy waiting lists.

Q. How can I apply for a parking permit?
A. Click on this link to print out an Individual Parking Application: Scan and attach the complete application form and email to

Q. What if I can’t obtain a parking permit near my facility?
A. The City also offers a Parking Spending Account (PSA) option for employees who are paying for parking at non‐City owned or leased lots. A PSA allows the employee to pay for parking expenses with pre‐tax dollars.