Building A Better Tomorrow
Through Teamwork

The Bureau of Sanitation has nearly 2,800 full time authorities, twenty divisions and 25 work locations. Administrative personnel in the Bureau provide direct service to the public in support of our core programs or support one of the twenty divisions that provide these services. Management Assistants are responsible for general administrative work including contract administration, personnel administration, purchasing activities, research and report writing, financial and budget analysis, public outreach activities or general administrative support.


Our mission is to protect the public and environment through the legal, efficient and effective collection, treatment, reuse and disposal of liquid and solid wastes while enhancing relationships with the community, co-workers, elected and appointed officials, unions and business.


The Bureau of Sanitation will be recognized as a place where a wide diversity of people join together in an environment of trust and respect to deliver services and to create ideas, procedures and methods to improve the life of every resident of Los Angeles; a Bureau that sets the standard of excellence in performance and remains flexible and responsive to changing conditions, an organization that ALWAYS MAKES A REAL DIFFERENCE!


Meet and exceed the expectations of all of our customers - internal and external; Set the standard of excellence in our work; Deliver competitive services in a timely manner; Involve everyone - work together as a team; Plan for the future to meet the challenge of change; Understand and use relevant data to guide everyday actions; Think, plan and work to optimize the entire system over time; and, Model optimal behaviors.


Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal
There is no municipal service more central to the quality of life than the appropriate management of wastewater. The Bureau of Sanitation operates and maintains four wastewater treatment water reclamation plants, over 6,400 miles of sewers, various pumping plants and ventilation stations to collect and treat about 421 million gallons of wastewater per day. The Bureau also treats 300,000 wet tons of biosolids that result from the treatment process every year and reuses it for land reclamation and for fertilization of non-food chain crops.

Watershed Protection
Protection of the Santa Monica Bay and the L.A. River from urban pollution is an important responsibility of the City and County of Los Angeles. State regulatory agencies, acting on behalf of the Federal government, have established strict limits on the amounts of a variety of substances that can be found in the waterways that empty into the Bay, and the River, most importantly trash, chemicals, and bacteria. The Bureau of Sanitation oversees the inspection, operation and maintenance of the City's stormwater drainage system, and manages pollution abatement programs in compliance with the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System.

Solid Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal
The Bureau of Sanitation collects nearly 1.4 million tons of refuse and yard trimmings and 190,000 tons of recyclable materials from single and small multiple family residences every day. The refuse is disposed of in landfills and the yard trimmings are composted into fertilizer and reused. The successful Curbside Recycling Program is the major factor in the City's ability to keep 58 percent of the materials collected from being deposited into the region's increasingly scarce landfills. Due to the City's success, Sanitation's recycling program has become a model for California. The Bureau also provides specialized services in the collection and disposal of hazardous materials, used oil, and bulky items. The Bureau conducts many educational events and distributes written materials on available programs and services.