Vanpool Program Requirements

The City of Los Angeles Vanpool Program is for EVERYONE

Although most participants in the City's Vanpool Program are regular employees of the City of Los Angeles, you do not have to be a City employee to ride. DWP employees, Airport/Harbor Department employees, contract employees, and even those who are not associated with the City of Los Angeles may participate in the program.

To form a vanpool, there must be a sufficient number of people coming from the same general area and going to a common destination worksite or area.

Within the group forming the vanpool, there must be at least one "Primary Driver" who will drive on a regular basis. In addition, there must be at least two "Alternate Drivers" who will drive when the Primary Driver has a regular day off or is off work on sick leave, vacation leave, or jury duty. Finally, each van must have a "Coordinator" who is responsible for keeping the daily operating records for the van.

A "Regular Passenger" (or Van Member) is a rider who holds a permanent seat on the vanpool and pays a monthly Vanpool Fare by the first day of each month. An "Occasional Rider" (or Occassional Passenger) may ride only if a vacant seat is available on a given day and pays on a daily basis.

You must be a City of Los Angeles employee to form a van or to serve as a Driver or Coordinator, and City employees do have priority in placement on a vanpool. However, anyone is free to join the van as a Regular or Occasional passenger as long as s/he has completed the appropriate Vanpool Agreement and Liability Waivers and paid the Vanpool Fare.

Current Vanpool Routes serve commuters from a large number of areas outside of the City of Los Angeles traveling to a wide variety of City worksites. Although a large percentage of vans travel to the Downtown Los Angeles/Civic Center area, we also have vans commuting to the Hyperion and Tillman Water Treatment Facilities, the West Los Angeles and Van Nuys Civic Centers and many other L.A. City Facilities outside of the downtown area.

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