Occupational Safety and Health Division
Heat Illness Prevention Program (HIPP)

The City of Los Angeles Personnel Department Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHD) considers the safety and health of all City employees to be one of its top priorities. This program is intended to provide a template and serve as a guideline for affected departments to protect themselves and their workers against the effects of heat illness and to meet the requirements of Title 8 California Code of Regulation Section 3395. See appendix A of the template for a copy of this standard.

Heat illness is a serious medical condition resulting from the body's inability to cope with heat and to cool itself. The effect of heat illness can range from sunburn to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The hot temperatures that Los Angeles experiences throughout the year make it imperative that all employees affected are provided with the appropriate materials and training needed to keep themselves safe. The HIPP is applicable to all employees who work outdoors.

Please complete this written program for your department if you have employees who work outdoors and provide the training and equipment required in the standard. You may contact our office if you need assistance with your written program or training. We can be reached at 213 473-3392 or 213 473-3373.