Occupational Safety and Health Division
Ergonomic Evaluation

The Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Personnel Department is responsible for responding to requests for an ergonomic evaluation of employee workstations. This is done in order to prevent injuries from occurring, which allows a department to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Employees with ergonomic concerns may also request an evaluation through their supervisor. It is essential that the supervisor be involved through the entire process of the evaluation in order to ensure that recommendations are carried out in the best interest of the employee.

The requesting department is responsible to address the recommendations made in the ergonomic evaluation such as the ordering, purchase and installation of equipment, or modification of the workstation. Targeted area evaluations for a specific job class or selected work areas are also available and can be scheduled through the Ergonomic Evaluation section.

An ergonomic evaluation report will outline the evaluation process, the findings and any recommendations that are made. Copies will be provided to the supervisor and the Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Personnel Department.

How to Request an Evaluation

Step 1.
Departments can request a workstation evaluation by completing the Health & Safety Service Request. For Ergonomic Evaluation Requests the employeee will be required to complete an Ergonomic Evaluation Questionnaire as part of the request. After completing both forms your supervisor will be asked to approve your request. Once approved, the request will be submitted to the Occupational Safety and Health Division. If you have any questions regarding these procedures you can contact the Ergonomic Section at (213) 473-6982.
Step 2.
The Ergonomic Specialist will contact the supervisor to arrange for a worksite evaluation and may request additional information needed to start the evaluation process. The individual employee and their workstation will be analyzed for ergonomic risk factors (repetitive motion, force contact stress, static loading, awkward postures, sustained exertions, vibration, temperature and noise). The employee and supervisor will receive instruction related to proper use of equipment, stretching, and rest breaks. These instructions can help employees avoid fatigue and further injury during the workday.
Step 3.
After the on-site evaluation has been completed a report will be sent to the supervisor. The report will detail the evaluator's finding and make the necessary recommendations. Those recommendations may include a change in the placement of furniture and equipment or the purchase of additional equipment. The department is responsible to purchase those items listed in the report and to arrange with General Services (Building Repair or Service Request Form) for any modification of furniture or installation of new equipment. The Ergonomic Section can assist in the selection of recommended equipment, if it is not clear in the report supplied.
Step 4.
The last step requires the department to contact the Ergonomic Section once the items have arrived and General Services has confirmed an installation date. The Ergonomic Section will insure that General Services installs the equipment correctly and that the employee has received instruction regarding proper adjustments and maintenance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Personnel Department has a complete Written Ergonomic Policy. Please click on the following link to view the entire Ergonomic Policy.